Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun Games

Dodge ball, if done right can be exciting and a challenge  that can be played past high school years.  There are dodge ball tournaments popping up around.  This would encompass NASPE 6, and if played fairly would also have standard 5.  State standards that dodge ball competitions would include are 3a and 3b.  I do believe it should be a game  played by choice, not something that you should have to do in Physical Education.  After all it would be the person's choice to play dodge ball in the community.  I would like to know peoples thoughts and feelings on golf being a sport.  I love to play golf (even though i'm not very good).  I just feel that playing dodge ball was more exercise than golf and golf is something taught in Physical Education programs.  I believe if you make it "fun" for kids then they will get more out of it.  You could have the best game out there but if the kids don't like it they won't get anything out of it!

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