Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Superheros to the gymnasium

It was our final day of lab at St. Mary's school.  It is bitter sweet for me.  I am happy to spend more time with my family, but I will surely miss the kids there.  The weather was nice so we went outside instead of down to the cafeteria.  I was glad to be outside.  There was one boy bouncing a ball off the wall.  I asked if he wanted to play a game my dad used to play with me called, "always be ready."  It started out with a few playing and grew quickly.  It turned into hot-potato, because we had so many playing it.  We had to get the ball moving around.  As we were playing in our superman and ghost busters outfits we saw a large group of kids that were really excited about Mario and Luigi. We played with the parachute when we went back in the school.  A lot of the kids were really tired by that time, but we still had a few die-hards willing to play with us.  The kids really enjoyed the costumes.  I think that superheros was a great way to finish the class.  Hopefully we will all  be superheros or rock-stars, or what ever will make the kids want to move when we are out in the world teaching.

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